Member’s Agreement

Smartspider Pros Inc./DBA; has been organized to offer an association of Professionals & Consultants with a website, listing the names of consultants and professionals in three primary categories: 1. Services to businesses, 2. Services to not-for-profit organizations and 3. Lifestyle/Enhancing services/the arts.

The following Site Members (hereafter “Members”) Agreement will apply to all consultants/professionals/members applying for membership and inclusion on Please read the following carefully. By completing the following application, you agree to abide by and comply with this Members Agreement and warrant that all information supplied in your application is a true and accurate reflection of your qualifications and experience as a consultant.


  • Must be able to provide information as listed in the application that outlines education, seminars, professional organization, references and/or other special training, qualifying you for the categories in which you wish to be listed.
  • Have worked as a recognized /professional or consultant.
  • Agree that you will not use SmartSpider.Net for multilevel marketing.
  • Agree that you will not use SmartSpider.Net to sell products/goods. Exception to this rule will be books and other material used in performance of contractual obligations and/or in the teaching of classes.
  • Maintain the highest professional standards and conduct with all clients.



  • Maintain a web site with names and qualifications of all members of SmartSpider.Net. Each paid member will select the categories in which they will be listed with no restriction as to number of categories or selections and may be in as many categories as they choose.
  • Provide regularly scheduled networking opportunities for members and their guests. These will be publicized to the general business community, giving all members access to new clients.
  • Engage in marketing activities, driving New Mexico business, not-for-profit communities, and private citizens to SmartSpider.Net when seeking a professional or a consultant.
  • Actively seek association and alliances with professional organizations/associations.
  • Offer FREE training, Masterminding Classes, and mentoring.
  • Utilize unique website capabilities to drive clients to blogs and other informational opportunities of members.


  • Make suggestions or recommendations to clients as to professional services.
  • Endorse any member, their services, or activities.
  • Engage in or be a party to neither monetary nor other disputes between client and member.
  • Charge a fee to any client or visitor to the site.
  • All contractual agreements and arrangements are between Member and site user/client. Smartspider Pros Inc./DBA; will not be responsible for any contractual arrangement between members and clients.



  • A membership fee including GRT, for one calendar year will apply and begin on the date of application acceptance and will be in force for twelve continuous months.
  • A fee reduction may apply for members of affiliated associations and organizations. Please inquire if you belong to professional associations and use the provided code on the application.
  • Early termination of fee schedule must be by mutual consent and in writing.

All Fees are due at the time of application and must be paid by credit card and online. Application must be completed online and by the applicant. Applicant will be given or select a personal code for use in updating personal information on their personal Dashboard. Applicant will have complete discretion as to categories in which he/she wishes to be listed, listing of qualifications, references, web site listing along with blogs, other social media, and contact information.


SMARTSPIDER PROS INC./DBA SMARTSPIDER.NET; reserves the right to modify these regulations from time to time without prior notice to, or approval of, members of SmartSpider.Net; however, no such modification or restatement of the member’s agreement will be binding on members until posted to the website or will operate to increase any members’s fee during the term of any members existing membership to the website.

Entire Members Agreement. These rules and regulations comprise all the agreement that govern SmartSpider.Net and members to the website and supersede all prior agreements of, The Bradley Connection, LLC or Smartspider Pros, Inc. Logo

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