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Guest members gain access to all of our member communications and our online training area.

Please consider upgrading to one of the other options below to gain FULL access to everything has to offer because we believe that if you take full advantage of everything you can grow and scale your business.

Pro Membership

Premium membership with premium benefits. The PRO Membership is your connection to business success. Your PRO Membership includes all of these included benefits:


  • Listing in our directory
  • Individual mentoring sessions (Value $2,000)
  • Monthly mastermind sessions (Value $1,000)
  • Monthly group mentoring sessions
  • Attendance to all workshops and seminars (Value $69-$149)
  • Marketing opportunities:
    • Authority building through hosted blogs and e-book
    • Tips + Deals promotions to the community
    • Guest speaker at seminars
    • Hosting educational content

Billed Annual
Investment – $450.00 + GRT
Save $75 on your membership!

Billed Monthly
12 payments of $43.75
Investment – $525.00 + GRT

Community Partner

The Community Partner membership is your way to massively increase your presence within the business community.

Your Community Partner Membership includes all of the benefits included in the PRO membership AS WELL AS:


  • Name and Logo on the FRONT PAGE of the website
  • Individual welcome on Social Media
  • Host an event ad your location
  • Have individual table for advertising and promotion at events
  • Co-Host seminars on topic of your choice
  • 2 PRO memberships included
  • Marketing opportunities:
    • Write sections and promote deals in the newsletter
    • Be a guest interviewee on social media
    • Be listed as a co-sponsor of events

Investment – $998.00 + GRT for 2 years Logo

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