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Start Smart! gives you a platform to present yourself and your talents to the world. Following are tips to make your profile a tool to attract new customers!

Jane Bradley, Founder

Access your profile

First, click the LOGIN button on the menu. If this is your first time, you will need to reset your password. Click the FORGOT PASSWORD link and an email will be sent to you to reset your password.


Once you are logged in select PROFILE from the menu and then select EDIT to update your information.

Get ready to rock your profile!

1. First impression

  • Use an engaging photo. Choose a good quality headshot that is in focus, current, and matches the style of your business.
  • Include basic contact information. Make certain your business name, email address, and phone number are included. 

These items display on the search results. Customers will choose a complete profile first. Missing information = missed opportunities.

2. Tag Line

What do you do – in 10 words or less? The first line of your profile should introduce you and your services in a concise way. will use this introduction on social media and other platforms to help introduce you to potential clients.

For example, PRO member Barbara Kline is

Your broker for commercial real estate and business sales and purchases.

3. An engaging profile

Your profile is your pitch to a potential customer. The goal is to move the client from thought to action – to get them to contact you. Think about the client’s needs and why they should come to you. In 3-5 paragraphs, your profile should answer their questions.
  • How does your business solve their problem?
  • How does your service make their life easier?
  • Why should they choose you over another provider? 
  • Do you have the qualifications and skills to meet their needs?

4. SMART search terms

The search scans all of your profile, category selections and key words. Use these fields wisely!  
  • Put yourself in the client’s chair. What would you search for? Think of the common language terms for your talents. For example, would your client search for Attorney at Law, or more likely – lawyer. Consider variations; catering, caterer, cater.
  • Use multiple terms that relate to your service in both your profile and key words to ensure your profile comes up in the right places; Finance, money, savings, funds.
  • Keywords are a great way to include multiple skills without bogging down your profile.
DON’T use terms that don’t apply to you or select categories that are not exactly what you do in order to come up on more searches. Keep in mind the best opportunity to close a deal with a client is one where you are a good match.
Important note: Incomplete fields negatively impact your results. The search algorithm will return the best matches with most complete information first. Your profile will not return on searches if it is missing key information.

That’s it. Four easy steps to get you connected with clients. Start SMART, go rock your profile! Logo

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