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Alec Ferguson

In this episode of Meet the Pros Jane Bradley visits with serial entrepreneur Alec Ferguson about his new drive-in movie theater business Reel Big Flix LLC and also his existing business Last Ditch Effort Waste Solutions.

Vila Diaz

Your business is in the books. In this episode of Meet the Pro Jane Bradley visits with Vila Diaz-Vega with Freedom Tax NM LLC. They cover revised tax deadlines (May 17), how you can get stimulus checks you may not have received, and PPE loans.

Larryl Lynch

Meet Larryl Lynch, publisher and founder of Albuquerque the Magazine. Larryl and Jane discuss all things best of the city, Albuquerque the Magazine, and the future of Albuquerque business.

Michael Arner

Meet the PRO Michael Arner, an entrepreneur, playwright, SmartSpider.net director of technology, and more. Michael and Jane discuss all things entrepreneur.

Steve Becerra

Meet SmartSpider.net Pro and CFO Steve Becerra of the Becerra Group, LLC. Steve and Jane talk all things finance, taxes, and understanding your books. 

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