Who can become a smartspider.net member?

Smartspider.net is a network & association of PROS, providing many benefits to its members. SmartSpider.net accepts and joins in collaboration with professionals and consultants. As a rule of thumb, SmartSpider.net does not accept storefronts, direct sales, MLM’s, or restaurants.  Some exceptions are made in circumstances where consulting services are offered to clearly defined clients.

The sale of products is not allowed through the SmartSpider.net web site or in SmartSpider.net promotions. An exception to this rule is, SmartSpider.net is always delighted to promote books, workbooks, training manuals, cookbooks, and memoirs written by members. 

Members are accepted in three general categories:

1. Professionals/Consultants

2. Non -Profits

3. Lifestyle & the arts

Jane Bradley, Founder

A Professional is:

A person engaged or qualified in a profession.

“professionals such as lawyers, surveyors, doctors, accountants, engineers, architects”


A person engaged in a specified activity, including a sport or branch of the performing/visual arts, as a main paid occupation rather than as a pastime.

“his first season as a professional”


A person engaged in a profession requiring a defined degree and/or a state or federal license.


Similar; white-collar worker, professional worker, office worker

A Consultant is:

“he acted as campaign consultant to the president”

Similar: adviser,  counselor, expert, specialist, authority

consultant (from Latin: consultare “to deliberate”) is a professional who provides expert advice and/or ongoing services in a particular area such as: business, fund-raising,  financial advice, education, business/life coaching,  human resources, marketing (and public relations), finance, health care-wellness, and many more areas. 

Build your business, expand your network, and connect with clients.


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