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Marissa Baca

Empirical Strategies
Work PO Box 3196 Corrales NM 87048 US Work Phone: (512) 269-5800 Website:


Empirical Strategies’ Mission:

To provide out-of-the-box strategies for growth and revenue generation for local businesses.

5 Pillars

The 5 pillars necessary to build the Empire of your dreams are:


2.Fundamentals (for building business)

3.Marketing and Advertising

4.Customer/Employee Acquisition and Retention

5.Revenue Generation

The strength of these pillars will determine the success of your Empire. Empirical Strategies will assist and ensure in implementing these pillars.

What makes us unique:

·Our hunger to contribute to growth

·Our ability to teach and communicate well

·Our promise to appreciate and treat each business as if it were our own

What we offer:

·Training classes for: Marketing, sales and personal development

·Conformity in Branding and Management for Social Media: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram


Marketing, Advertising, Strategies, Social Media, Training, Classes, Personal Development, Coaching, Sales

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PO Box 3196 Corrales NM 87048 US

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Barbara Kline

Business Broker, Absolute Investment Realty

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