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Brandon Estrada

Blueprint Salescorp
Work 5800 Eubank Blvd 228 Albuquerque NM 87111 US Work Phone: (505) 879-8275 Website:


Blueprint Salescorp is an outsourced Sales and Business Development company. Our Sales-as-a-Service model offers your company the luxury of a Sales Department, without the cost, time, and energy spent to manage it. Our motto is Plan, Execute, Analyze, Repeat. What we do is drive growth; how we do it is by offering support for any stage of your sales development, from beginning to end and top-to-bottom Regardless if your are just trying to start, or looking to compliment your current sales, Blueprint Sales Consultants can help you reach your sales goals.

Blueprint Salescorp specializes in the Sales and Business Development of B2B services, B2O (Business-to-Organization) and what we call SB2C (Small Business-to-Corporate.) Our process begins with a comprehensive assessment of your product or service from both a sales perspective, and more importantly, a buyers perspective. From this, we concentrate solely on your target market and the communicat


Sales, Analysis, Planning, Revenue, pipeline, consultant, Sales, sales forecasting

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5800 Eubank Blvd 228 Albuquerque NM 87111 US

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Barbara Kline

Business Broker, Absolute Investment Realty

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