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Build your  business is New Mexico's directory of professionals in lifestyle, not-for-profit and business. Learn how can start connecting you with clients!

Connect with clients is New Mexico's directory of professionals in lifestyle, not-for-profit, and business. We provide FREE search to clients looking for professional consulting services and connect them to local professionals like YOU.

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You can sign up for the categories that best match your experience, No Limit! You can easily update your profile any time you like. There is NO GATEKEEPER between you and a potential client. never filters or refers results.


WE MARKET YOU 24/7 actively markets the site to draw traffic and clients to you. You'll see us in print, on television and radio, on social media channels and online.



Our primary focus is connecting consultants and clients in our local community. Our events are local, but our reach is national. multiplies your business efforts

FREE MONTHLY SMARTMIXER CONNECTION EVENTS is committed to bringing clients and professionals together. In addition to the online directory, hosts regular connection events so you can build great relationships with referral sources and potential clients.



Our popular ASK A PRO series brings potential clients from across the community. Your membership allows you the opportunity to join one of our panels and showcase their expertise.



Your membership includes the opportunity to use a seminar room at the Nativo Lodge the second Wednesday of the month from 1-4 for FREE. We will post your event on our online calendar and our social media.


BUYING POWER leverages group buying power to bring you personalized opportunities in print and other media to showcase your business at an affordable price.



We are constantly adding new benefits so your return on your investment will only continue to grow!

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Your annual subscription to the directory gives you access to all of these features - and more! creates the introduction opportunity, the rest happens with you! takes NO FEE per connection and  NO PERCENTAGE of your contract. All contracts and payments are PRIVATE - conducted between you and your client.

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Consultants, SmartSpider Professionals local to Albuquerque, New Mexico

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