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Align Your Business Practice With Your Vision

Building a business can be challenging. Oftentimes we are throwing spaghetti against the wall to see what sticks instead of following our passion and our true calling. In this workshop, Dr. Barbra Portzline will help you focus on what is really important so you can build the business that aligns with your vision.

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  1. Records
  2. Record Keeping
  3. Books/Bookkeeping
  4. Financial Statements
  5. Cash flow
  6. Payroll
  7. Tax Reports (Monthly and Quarterly)

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Intention Setting and Action Planning

It’s time to Celebrate our wins and set our intentions moving forward. Join Barbra Portzline as she leads us through activities and discussion to gain clarity on what we really want so we can develop an actionable plan to get there.

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  1. Income Taxes-Reporting
  2. Employment/Payroll Taxes-Reporting
  3. Sales/Gross Receipts Taxes-Reporting

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Discover Your Signature Program

Are you ready to transition out of the workplace? Or maybe you are ready to start pivoting a different direction with your business? Do you know you are meant for greatness but you are not sure how to start walking in your power? As a result of this presentation you will gain clarity around your Signature Program or Presentation and start sharing your gifts with the world!

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  1. Audits
  2. Collections
  3. Appeals
  4. Tax Representation-Who you going call?

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Create Your Signature Program

Do you have an amazing idea for a program or presentation? Do you wish if you only had a few days off from work that you would get so much done? Are you unable or unwilling to treat your business like you would treat your client’s business? Then this 2 Day Intensive is for you!

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Choosing an Accountant

  1. Where to find accountants/bookkeepers
  2. What you should look for in an accountant/bookkeeper
  3. Do you need an accountant or bookkeeper?
  4. Manual-Automation-Internet
  5. Cost

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Curbside Consulting: Improve the Health of Your Business

Are you struggling with some basic business questions? Do you have challenges with marketing, social media, morale, profit? Meet with Dr. Barbra Portzline, experienced business strategist and organizational intuitive and get your questions answered. And, if she doesn’t know the answer she can often connect you with someone who does!

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