Author: Jane Bradley

As a long-time mentor, please allow me to share some thoughts on mentoring.  

I have loved living my life as a serious, successful, and serial entrepreneur.  I have been fortunate in finding the perfect mentor at the most needed time.  I was willing to watch, listen and learn. 

Early on, I also became a mentor and have been inspired by working with all who sought my help. 

“Their success always feels like my own success.”

The definition of a mentor is:

Noun. “an experienced and trusted advisor”

Do you need a mentor, and how to go about finding a good match in a mentor. 

For most business owners the answer is “Yes, I would benefit from the practical advice and expertise that can be gained from finding a mentor.”  Developing a long-term relationship with a mentor will provide you with an accountability partner – an essential component in your success. 

What to look for in a mentor

Your mentor should be….

  1. A good listener. Your mentor is a partner with you in your business vision and should not be someone with a “canned” message.  Mentoring is ALWAYS a team sport – if requires active participation.  
  2. Knowledgeable. Your mentor should be knowledgeable in the practices and procedures for success in any/all businesses.
  3. Honest, candid, and an abundance of curiosity.  These are great traits to find in a mentor…. enjoy your time with your mentor then apply their wisdom to all areas of your life.  

What you gain from a business mentor

You should set goals and be prepared to gain…

PERSPECTIVE: You may not have considered all perspectives in your business.  Because of experience, your mentor should provide this missing component on your road to success.

ENHANCE YOUR SKILLS: Business coaches and consultants generally enter into contracts to address a specific need. This is in contrast to mentors who are invested in helping mentees develop business skills; then apply these skills and insights in practical day-to-day situations.  

ADVICE: Mentors are all about helping you find your own answers and following a path towards realizing your dreams.  A good mentor always asks lots of questions and listens carefully to YOUR answers.

CONFIDENCE: Confidence is essential to your success.  If you don’t believe in yourself – who else will?  A good mentor must have the ability to help you grow in confidence. 

What to consider in seeking a mentor

Trust your intuition about compatibility. If it doesn’t “feel” right – it probably is not going to work to your best advantage.  

What are your goals? What do you want to accomplish; how can the proposed mentor help you achieve these goals? 

Who do you admire?  Why?  Has this person “been there and done that?” 

Be aware of your existing network. Look inside before you look outside. Find someone who is in sync with you, your values, your dreams, and your abilities. When you find the right mentor – the more effective this partnership will be.  

A Word about Stakeholders.

This is anyone who has a professional interest in your success – your accountant, your business partners, your landlord, your service providers, etc.  Google the word “Stakeholders” then contact your stakeholders and seek their advice. 


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Jane Bradley is a third-generation New Mexican and has always had a deep and abiding love for her native state. A serial entrepreneur, Jane has enjoyed a variety of successful business endeavors. She is the founder of an association of consultants and professionals.


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