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 Every business can benefit from tips that will help them attract ideal, high-paying clients, and greater financial abundance. I focus on helping small business owners and healers who have a heart-based business. I have been trained by the world-renowned Feng Shui Master, Marie Diamond, who was trained since childhood in the ancient principles of Feng Shui and is gifted with the ability to see the flow of energy on many levels. I continue to expand my skills and knowledge base, as my Teacher intuitively shares her knowledge and wisdom, to help her students.

Here are some useful tips that business owners can apply to the space where they work, to easily increase the financial flow of the business.

Clarity on Goals

The first step is to get clear on your goals. Make them specific. Write them down and post them on your office wall, computer screen, or on a vision board placed strategically in your office. Writing them down, in concrete words, so that there is no doubt in your mind, what you want. You can see it, and your unconscious mind can see it. Read them every day, so that you are re-affirming the vision and clarity of what you want.

The Power of Images

The second step is to make sure the images that are around you in your office, reflect your goals, the specific, concrete goals that you created and wrote down. You want to also check for any images, furniture, colors or items that reflect something different than what you want to create. Focus on the color gold, for financial abundance. You want a balance of color, to create a feeling of harmony, because every color has an energetic quality that will resonate with specific attributes, such as honesty, joyfulness, love and support, healing, and so on.

The color for financial abundance is gold. You can place awards you have received, gold-looking items, business cards, or photos of specific people you would like to meet or would love to serve, as clients. This will send out to the Universe the message of success, and will raise the vibration of the unconscious mind, allowing you to attract what you have put out on your walls and environment.

Who is your Ideal Client?

For greater financial abundance, it is important to be clear on who your ideal client is. Who do you want to serve? Where do they live? What socio-economic level do they embody. Think of someone specific who has all the qualities that you think of when describing this person. When creating marketing materials, or giving talks, use images, examples and language that this person would easily relate to. Speak as though you are speaking to this person, and you will attract that person into your energy field, and into your business.

The Power Position

What is the Power Position? Some people may misunderstand what this means. It means becoming the King or Queen of your own business and life. It doesn’t mean power over another person. It simply means attracting your best and highest good, from both a material and spiritual stand-point.

To sit in a Power Position means to face the door. It means facing the incoming “chi” or energy. If you face the door, even if you don’t serve clients in your office, it still allows the energy you wish to attract, to come through the door of your office (or your front door, if you work from home)

Imagine how a King or Queen would sit. Would they have their back to you when you come in the door? Not likely. They would sit facing the door, not too close, but where he or she can see you as you enter. They would also sit in a high-backed chair or throne. Sitting in a high-back chair gives the feeling of being “supported” by the Universe. Make sure you sit in a high-backed chair while you work, for the highest level of support from the Universe.

Your Best Direction for Success

Every person who was born into this world, was born with 4 best directions. One for Success, one for Relationships, one for Health, and one for Wisdom, or Spirituality.

Today we will focus on your best direction for success. This direction is based on your date of birth, and it’s the ideal direction for you to place your goals and images for financial success, writing a book, career success, or attracting a specific high-paying client.

To find out your “best direction,” you can request a free Discovery Session with me, by going to I will use a special formula to find out your personal Success Direction and you can also share your goals and dreams, and where you see your business going in the near future.


Connie Knudson is a Feng Shui Consultant, Diamond Dowser, best-selling author and coach. She moved to Albuquerque upon retirement in 2015, and now offers personalized Feng Shui, to help small business owners and healers easily attract financial abundance. As a dowser, she finds and cures geopathic stress in the homes she serves. Geopathic stress from the environment (like water or fault lines under a home) weakens the immune system, making one susceptible to frequent illnesses, brain fog and lack of focus. Connie is author of the best-selling The Feng Shui of Personal Transformation, which was released this year.

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Connie Knudson
Feng Shui Consultant, Diamond Dowser


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