Being the CEO of Smartspider Pros, Inc & This has been an adventure in making dreams come true, being true to a vision and the value of TEAMWORK.  When we first talked about the concept of an association for consultants and professionals, it seemed like a dream- far too big for us to accomplish in Albuquerque, NM.  Our success has been due to the vision, to our dedicated board of directors and to our culture: Collaboration

Yes – we found that exact person with all these qualities,

Corey Frasure is the newly elected CEO
Smartspider PROS, Inc and

I have come to realize that to move forward, into the future with new vision and with new resolve, it is necessary for me to step aside in favor of a new CEO with skills, technology understanding, energy, and experience.  The Vision and dreams remain – they are bigger than ever, with a ‘NOW’ impetus on technology, our great website, and a new plan for success.

I am not going anywhere; I will still be here to mentor, to attend mastermind classes and to see all of you at the State’s best professional Mixers and Ask a Pro plus I will continue to serve on the Smartspider Pros Inc Board of Directors.

In the meantime, please be in touch with Corey to offer your support and the same encouragement that you have given me all these years.

If you are not a member of, association of professional & consultants, NOW is the time to join.  Check out the website and become a member today.

With fondness and gratitude to all of you.

 Jane Bradley is New Mexico’s association of professionals and consultants. Every month our Pros share their knowledge and experience through organized events and interpersonal networks.

Together we can do more! Grow your business through this collective of experts in business, not-for-profit, and lifestyle.







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SUCCESS STARTS WITH A SMART BUSINESS BOOK is an association of professionals that have BEEN THERE DONE THAT. We’ve collected smart business advice from PROS to help you learn fast and grow your business. Don’t start from scratch! Start with the wisdom and experience of professionals with decades of experience. This interactive workbook is filled with useful and actionable tips from our pros, and we will send it to you FOR FREE!

SmartSpider Ebook contents

They say it’s not what you know, but who you know.



“ gives me the capacity and time to do the work I love, providing fundraising workshops to grow the social profit sector and create more joyful and productive fundraisers for the causes we cherish!”   

Lynn Trojahn

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